About SHS Griffin (SHS)
SHS is a full-service broker offering a complete range of seed, cuttings, perennials, young plants, hard goods and more.

Our mission: We connect growers with the tools they need to be more successful, through a tailored mix of solution-based products and services. Our offering is uniquely aligned with the deep understanding of plants and superior expertise of Syngenta, and a reliable supply of world-class genetics. We embody Griffin’s values and are committed to making a positive difference in the floriculture community.

Why do business with SHS?
It starts with 140 years of experience: SHS has been serving professional growers since 1867. We have a long history of partnership with the industry’s most respected breeders, producers and suppliers, bringing unbeatable quality and value to growers.

Connect with Quality
SHS represents more than 130 of the industry’s leading suppliers to bring you products that can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you choose seeds, cuttings, plugs, liners or pre-finished plants, you can count on your order to be backed by the same unbeatable service and support that you’ve come to expect from SHS.

Connect with Innovation
SHS understands your need for better performance, and the market’s appetite for something new and different. We keep you connected to the most innovative and unique breeding the industry has to offer.


Connect with Reliability
The SHS offering is built on world-class genetics that perform consistently from the greenhouse to the garden. Our seed assortment spans more than 3,400 varieties and our seed operations team maintains rigorous standards to ensure that every variety we ship will perform at its best for our grower customers.
Connect with Resources
SHS is closely aligned with a vast global network of experts, and maintains a strong rapport with many of the industry's leading breeders. SHS is uniquely positioned to provide the knowledge, availability and support you need to be successful with GoldFisch®, Goldsmith and Yoder® products from Syngenta Flowers.
Many of our sales representatives have been successful growers themselves. The entire team continues to build on that foundation with regular training to reinforce and expand our knowledge base.


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